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We Design First

We believe there is always a human need behind business problems. So we fulfill that need through design first. We think technology follows needs, and our philosophy is to solve problems for humans, machines come second. There is also a need to clearly define the requirements of our clients, and a visual, design-first approach goes a long way in setting the project's direction right.

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Legal Contracts

For your peace of mind, Humbleware will co-sign a legal contract of work via a lawyer of your choice. We recommend Chaz Dheer and Source Legal.

Your IP stays safe

One of the biggest concerns of any innovative project is to keep their Intellectual Property (IP) safe. This doesn't happen all too often when dealing with outsourcing companies. With Humbleware, we handle IP better than anyone else, because we value it ourselves and believe in supporting and nurturing innovation & entrepreneurship.

Competitive Pricing Strategy

We know how important it is for new businesses and startups to stay lean. Our pricing model is to deliver value to your business, at a price that creates a win-win situation for both parties. We are not the cheapest in the market, but we believe the quality of work we deliver proves to be cheaper in the long run.

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Why work with us

Key Differentiating Factors

Agile Project Management

We reduce your risk by adopting the Agile methodology. At the end of every 2-week sprint, you can interact with the sprint's result and provide feedback. For startups following the lean principles, this is the lifeblood of their strategy. We'll give you all the tools to stay in the know and move the project in the right direction.

Test Driven Development

With a suite of automated tests running with every commit, we make sure your product gets automatically tested with every incremental change. This is the industry standard for quality products, and we embrace it fully in our work process using Cucumber, RSpec and a suite of other applications and technologies.

Continuous Delivery

We don't go into a cave for a few months and then come out with something you didn't want. Instead, we deliver every little incremental change to a staging server for you to see, use and test. This happens continuously over the lifetime of the project. Welcome to the real-time world of software development.

Our Work

Our focus is commercial success for our clients. We bring a wealth of technical expertise and entrepreneurial experience to help guide you along with way. Below is a small selection of our projects.

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